May 31, 2006

I recall the angry curling fans last year. How about the Olympic coverage? I was charged with recording Jenn Heil's Torino competition for some former team mates and coaches unable to watch live because of concurrent North American competitions. CBC Anglais did not even cover the all important qualifying round…just some highlights. Fortunately all higher level Freestyle athletes, coaches and parents have enjoyed the hospitality of Quebec competiitions and the gifted Quebec athletes who compete regularly in the West and none of us blinked when my recording was from the French network which covered the entire event. Media needs to be reminded that sometimes it really isn't about who wins but who competes and how they do, especially when a medal can be lost by a 100th of a point or second.

Edmonton Journal again

May 31, 2006

This paper's strongest kudu goes to the little box on the Stats page, "On TV". BUT in the playoff's what has happened to the Pheonix Suns? Is the Score being scorned, died or is TSN a sponsor. They have missed anumber of games.

Edmonton Journal

May 25, 2006

Edmonton Journal May 23 2006 p.1 "Edmonton's Playoff Paper"; p.D 1 Ducks @ Oilers 7 p.m.; p. D 2 Game 3 tonight 6 p.m.; At least they got it right at Game Day, on the tube and in the Stats.