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July 4, 2006

Years ago Greyhound did a trial and found persuasive statistics that daylight headlights were a statistically significant deterent to collisions. So significant in fact that manufacturers and legislators made all new vehicles bare their lights. Now, however, we have become accustomed to the look of headlights and sometimes do not notice the unlit vehicle bearing down upon us .  It is time to legislate the old or unfunctional vehicles to turn on their lights manually 24 /7 .

Mud Flaps

May 31, 2006

Mike Atkiin does his own dealership Volvo ads and leans heavily on safety as has the manufacturer for decades. He must have been a bit dissapointed to see the Volvo tow vehicles (semi tractor rigs) at last year's inaugural Edmonton Champ Car Races (WEM) sporting Chromed mud flaps. Though pretty these are extremely dangerous to overtake at night on a two lane highway and equally distracting on a freeway and I understand are now illegal is several States. Since our legislature has adjourned until next year we'll have lots of time to lobby our MLA's for a similar ban in Alberta.