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Construction Zones

May 31, 2006

I think I'm pretty safe and slow and actually have no moving violations in years and years though the camera's have gotten me a few times.  Cannot compain about the logic of  new enforcement rules in construction zones either, BUT 71 in a new 60 that I travel daily (100Ave Henday to 178 St.) is a bit much. If we as drivers are going to be hit upon (and this one might actually be a revenue grab) it seems about time that we also penalized the Contractors and Municipalities who continue to cry wolf by leaving their ridiculous speed restriction signs up when there is nary a trace of men or equipment  working. That after all is likely the main reason for the necessity of cracking down on speed in construction zones in the first place.

A prime example was the Town of Devon on Highway 60 S. bound on the Friday evening of the May long weekend.  Curiously this would be the same municipality from whom I received (and framed) that rare refund cheque for a photo radar ticket issued by and untrained official in an as yet incompletely marked slow down zone!