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National Post

July 5, 2006

So, my normal newspaper now gets delivered to the cottage and the office subscribes to yours…it will take some getting used to. Page B9 says Game Day “Portugal v. France Today 3 p.m. TSN.” Would that be PST MDT EST or EDT? National Newspaper my ass.


July 4, 2006

Years ago Greyhound did a trial and found persuasive statistics that daylight headlights were a statistically significant deterent to collisions. So significant in fact that manufacturers and legislators made all new vehicles bare their lights. Now, however, we have become accustomed to the look of headlights and sometimes do not notice the unlit vehicle bearing down upon us .  It is time to legislate the old or unfunctional vehicles to turn on their lights manually 24 /7 .

CBC Again

July 4, 2006

Did I say that Don Cherry was in Howie Meeker’s laundry bin? Woah; his note of the fact that everything you wanted to see in a Stanley cup final was there,  with two great teams,  and that mistakes would make the difference was right on.  And,  emphasized by the note, after our goaler gave the puck away behind the net,  by pointing out that there was another big mistake on the short handed goal when he put Meekers telestrator on Bergeron whose skates were stuck in the sand.

Edmonton’s management has a huge project at the blue line having to replace Pronger, Bergeron and Green in one off season