purple martins

Susan got a lovely new apartment for these creatures. Lot of work to assemble and guess who? Got stuck and had an interesting consult with Ms. Mckinon at the Purple Martin Conservancy-Canada. We digressed into conservation and she was unconvinced that Hunters and Fishers are the most active conservationists around. Something about Ducks Unlimited  having ulterior motives (Duh!). I countered that our wish to house a martin colony also had motivation such as the desire to reduce the mosquito poulation (more human tinkering with nature) and thought I had her cold only to be stunned by the revelation that it is an Urban Myth that those birds eat mosquitos. Must raise this issue with she who must be obeyed immediately. Why is it that I must run to the garage with hammer and glue between periods of every play off game? Good thing we already have two fully occupied bat houses because they do eat mosquitos.

Seriously though, these are great people doing great things and have a wonderful website:  dmckinon@telusplanet.net 

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